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Hi, friend! I'm AJEL and it's so nice to meet you!

Welcome to A Whole Person For Life community, where we are all about living and walking by the spirit, deligently seeking the presence of God at all times, and aggressively pursing Him!

I started this blog because....well because my Daddy God told me to on 29 November 2019. In 2018 the Lord started teaching and training me to take His message to the people on the earth. I was told often to not fear, to walk by faith and to trust Him.

Here is God's love note to me:

Dear A,

You are about to flow into your ministry. I am calling you to be effective. Don't run from what threatens you. Be anxious for nothing. Peace I give you.

You are inside out minded. You are going to heal the maimed. I have given you everything you need to help you complete your assignment. It is in spiritual form in you. You faith manifests the key. Bring what is inside of you out and send it out and be fruitful.

Listen to what I'm gelling you to do. It's going to be bigger and greater than you. I have blessed to do what I called you to do.

I have trained you. Say, "I have received power." Take the thoughts I give you and take them and act on them. Don't worry about the details. I have designed you for big things. Don't look at your own expertise because I am empowering you. If you receive my thoughts you will be fruitful. I want you to turn the nation back to me. You have the power.

Walk in authority. Operate by faith. Mediate on My Word. When you are in faith you are out of your mind because you have my mind.

You have the three tools to help you reach those I've called you to teach.

  1. Power: I give you my wisdom and strength when you tell others about my saving grace. It is my power through the Holy Spirit.
  2. Love: Love them through your words, encourage them and tell them about my unconditional love.
  3. Wisdom: Do as I command you and proclaim the true message of the gospel to as many people as possible.

Love your Daddy, God

How can we help you?

A Whole Person For Life specializes in five things:

  1. Inner healing (which is so necessary for all believers).
  2. Living a radical supernatural life - everyday life the believer lives under the influence and leading of the Holy Spirit).
  3. Kingdom wealth and entreprenship - focus on serving others, standing on intregrity, influencing change and bringing transformation to those we serve within our community.
  4. Radical prayer - bold, persistent, transformative, and expectant prayer.
  5. Circle of health (Spirit, Body and Soul). We are spiritual beings made in the image of God; your soul is comprised of the mind, the will, the intellect and emotions and where we acquire knowledge; living in a body, our house where our spirit man lives while on earth.

If you would like to explore any of these areas, then this community is for you!

We are on a supernatural journey with the Lord. We're walking in the anoiting of the Holy Spirit. Transformation is a speciality of the Holy Spirit.

You see...a major life shift usually happens with a gentle nudge inviting us into the very thing we've been praying for.

I'm talking about the type of process that accelerates you into the whole person God created you to be.

Come let's begin the shift together!